Q&A: Not enough milk

I am not sure I am giving my baby what it needs. All my friends told me that my eight-week old baby was hungry, which is why she was crying all the time. They told me it needs more food and that my breastmilk was not strong enough. This is because I have smaller breasts. So I started to mix some porridge into the bottle when I fed her.  Before this I was breastfeeding but because I was not sure if she was getting enough milk I changed to feed her with a bottle. My mother told me to feed her tshiunza but I was not sure this was right so young so I have not done that.

But mixing porridge in has not stopped her crying.


The only thing your baby needs for six months is breast milk.

Many moms start to introduce semi-solid foods to infants before the age of four months, thinking they are helping their baby get extra food. You may be adding diluted porridge to a bottle or giving it tshiunza. Perhaps you think your breast milk is not enough, or that you don’t have enough milk. Perhaps you are scared you can give your baby HIV through your milk. Or you have to return to work and need to move your baby onto a bottle.

This means your baby needs breastmilk and nothing else. If you don’t give it breastmilk, or if you try and feed it porridge too early it can create health problems. Your child can become a stunted, overweight and obese, and malnutritioned child.

All your baby needs is breast milk. If you are HIV positive and ARVs give your baby ONLY breast milk for the first 6 months (no water!) and his ARV syrup every day – you’ll really reduce his chances of getting HIV. Do not add cereals or soft porridges to feeding bottles or your milk.

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