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Planning your family

Having a baby is a big decision. A baby will change your life - and you have to be ready for that. The idea of family planning is the opposite of falling pregnant ‘by mistake’.

If you’re in a relationship, talk to your partner about planning when to have a child. If you both decide you do not want children, talk about contraception before it is too late. Contraception means making sure that the sperm from a man’s body, and the egg from a woman’s body cannot meet up to create a baby.

If you are single but have an active sex life, contraception is important for you. It’s best if becoming a mother is something that you choose, rather than something that happens to you because you did not use contraception.

If you’re already a mother, remember that it’s easy to fall pregnant again soon after giving birth. Once baby is born, you should decide on a form of contraception to use before you and your partner have sex again. Breastfeeding does not replace contraception and cannot reliably prevent pregnancy.

Learn more about contraception so you can choose which method will be best for you.

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